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What are the factors affecting the production quality of CNC bending machine

To during using CNC bending machine achieve better application effect, staff need to know what equipment install and use skills,

such as CNC bending equipment during use, the application of the mold is critical,

the mould also directly affects the processing quality of the product, therefore, when using CNC bending equipment,

pay attention to the mould is in line with the application of standards, it is the key.

In addition, now most of the CNC bending machine used mold material is relatively unified,

and the selection of mold material is also directly related to the processing effect of the product,

these are in the installation of CNC bending equipment in the process of the problem can not be ignored.

In the selection of equipment for processing and production, the strength and toughness of the mold can not be ignored,

and to achieve a certain wear-resisting effect, so as to improve the processing quality of the product,

these are in the use of CNC bending equipment to pay attention to matters.

Self-induction -- When the current in the closed loop changes, the magnetic flux through the loop itself generated by the current also changes.

Mutual inductance - If two coils are near each other, part of the flux generated by the current in one coil is linked to the second coil. When the current in a coil changes, it is called mutual inductance.

Conductance - The ability of a body to conduct current is called conductance. The value of conductance in a dc circuit is the reciprocal of the value of resistance.

Conductivity, also known as conductivity coefficient, is also a physical quantity to measure the conductivity of a substance


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