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CNC bending machine maintenance knowledge of what

CNC bending machine maintenance knowledge of what

CNC bending machine has been widely used in the metal forming industry, in order to make the production of enterprises to keep up with the progress of The Times, most of the enterprises are selected to replace the equipment - production,

but as long as the machine, in the use of the process will certainly have wear and failure.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the bending machine.

Because only when we maintain well, the operation efficiency of the machine will be higher, and the service life will be longer.

Today, Sheng Film xiaobian will introduce the daily maintenance knowledge of CNC bending machine.

1. The maintenance

(1) Wipe the surface of the machine and the protective cover, to clean the inside and outside of the bending machine.

(2) Clean the accessories and clean the surrounding environment of the machine.

(3) The paint on the surface of the machine tool and its dead corner should be visible and smooth.

2. Electrical control

(1) Check whether the electrical box is intact and damaged.

(2) whether each electrical component is damaged, whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, whether the connection between components is --.

(3) the operation of the main motor is normal -- and safe -- and there is no abnormal or noise.

(4) the operation of the NUMERICAL control system is accurate, whether to meet the accuracy requirements; CNC device can accurately input.

3. Lubrication device

(1) Whether the lubrication of the lubricating parts is sufficient, whether the oil in the oil circuit and the oil cup is sufficient.

(2) whether the valve body is flexible and there is no blockage.

(3) Whether the filter device is clean, if it is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

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