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The use of CNC flame cutting machine tips

When cutting thick steel plate, the gantry CNC flame cutting machine due to the slow gas cutting speed, in order to prevent the upper edge of melting,

should reduce the flame energy accordingly; If the flame energy is too large, it will produce continuous beaded steel particles, and even melt into rounded corners

, which will increase the slag attached to the back of the joint and affect the quality of gas cutting.

If in the gas cutting thin steel plate, due to the fast gas cutting speed, the flame energy can be increased correspondingly,

but the cutting should be away from the workpiece, maintain a certain tilt Angle; If the flame energy is too small, the workpiece can not get enough heat,

will slow down the gas cutting speed, even interrupt the gas cutting process.

Here are a few tips we've picked up along the way:

1. With the increase of plate thickness, the power of preheating flame should be increased, the thicker the cutting, the greater the power of preheating flame;

2. When cutting thick steel plate, mild carbonization flame should be used to avoid the collapse of the upper edge of the incision, but also to make the flame growth.

3. When using diffused cutting nozzle and oxygen curtain cutting nozzle to cut the thickness of steel plate less than 200mm,

choose a larger flame power to accelerate the cutting edge heating to the ignition point, so as to obtain a higher cutting speed.

4. Cutting steel with high carbon content or alloy elements, due to the high ignition point, the power of preheating flame is greater.

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