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CNC turret punching machine tool Factors affecting die wear

CNC turret punching machine tool Factors affecting die wear

Clearance: Proper clearance can prolong the life of the die.

Punch Shape: Sharp corners wear out much faster than right or curved edges, especially for punch cores.A narrow section wears out more quickly than a thick section.

Punch size: small punch wear faster than large punch.

Lubrication: the use of lubricating oil can significantly prolong the life of the die.

Stamping conditions: reduce the impact force and the plate flat fixed on the machine tool, can make the stamping process, cut cleanly, prolong the life of the punch core.

Punch/die wear: punch usually wears faster than die wear.The lower die specific punch core is less affected by the above factors.

Stamping speed: the stamping speed is too high, in some specific conditions, will produce a lot of friction heat, reduce the hardness of the punch core.Softer cores wear out faster.

The shear surface of the punch core: the part of the punch core where the impact occurs first does most of the work and therefore wears out faster.

Withdrawal conditions: the use of uniform force to withdraw the punch core from the workpiece is conducive to convenient material withdrawal.

Mold material: high speed steel (HSS) is subjected to several heat treatments to enhance the toughness and hardness required for long-life molds.

The punch core is double heat treated to achieve HRC62 Rockwell hardness.Hardened (59 Rockwell C) tool steel is the best material for the die.It correctly balances the need for maximum edge wear without causing breakage.

Workpiece performance: the physical and mech

anical properties of the workpiece can significantly affect the life of the die.

Workpiece Thickness: Thicker material causes the punch core to wear faster.


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