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Do you know all the safe operation procedures of fiber laser cutting machine cnc?


High precision fiber laser cutting machine cnc to conduct safety technology training, after the examination can be operated;

Be sure to read the manual, master the essentials of machine operation, safe operation rules must be observed.

1. The operator should check whether the oil standard and oil amount meet the standard according to the manual,

fill the oil level, and ensure that the guide rail is smooth fiber laser cutting machine cnc;

2. After switching on the power supply, the reference point operation of each axis should be completed, and then enter other operation methods to ensure the correctness of the coordinates of each axis;

3. Do not place any items on the guide rail of the machine tool;

4. Check the surrounding environment before using the machine tool, and when the machine tool is started, stand in a safe position to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and the splashes of iron filings;

5, adjust the height and length of the platform must be strictly in accordance with the instructions, not forced operation.

High precision CNC lathe guide gap adjustment process: the pressing plate surface M and N are flat grinding or scraping to ensure the need of the gap, the gap in the N surface.

Unscrew the fixed screw 2, adjust the thickness of the gasket between the clamping plate and the guide rail to change the gap value, when measuring the gap, to tighten the fixed screw, otherwise the gap value is not accurate.

Adjust the screw to change the position of the pressure plate to increase or decrease the guide rail space.


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