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Specifications for the use of  Hydraulic  Ironworker machine

Specifications for the use of  Hydraulic  Ironworker machine:

1. First of all, before opening, it is necessary to check whether the screws and pins of the punching and shearing machine, including the transmission parts, are well connected, whether there is a loose phenomenon, and check whether the ground wire is well grounded.

2. All parts should be lubricated before work. Do not feed first. After a few minutes of trial rotation, it feels no problem.

3. Do not overwork when working, work to bring good protection of labor supplies.Don't wear sandals and slippers to work.

4. When the combined punching and shearing machine is working, remember to often fuel the punching tool, do not let the punching tool up and down, tilt, proofreading and disassembly should stop working.

5. Do not force the punching die and other parts, pay attention to the safety of fingers when feeding.

6. Don't pile up lots of other things at work, and stop to clean.

7. After the completion of the work, the machine should be stopped in time, the power should be disconnected, and the debris on the site should be cleaned up.

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