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The development history of nc bending machine dies is briefly described

CNC bending machine die industry has risen rapidly in China in recent years. It has been widely used in automobile,

high-speed train, general machinery manufacturing and wood processing industry.

Aerospace industry has also become a traditional and very important application field of nc bending machine die.

CNC bending machine die in the aerospace field is mainly used to cut aircraft structural parts, aircraft structural parts in the past is mainly used in aluminum alloy,

but with the development of society, science and technology is also improving, titanium alloy and composite materials gradually rise,

aircraft structural parts are mainly used in titanium alloy and other materials, Therefore, it is more and more difficult for nc bending machine mold.

CNC bending machine die from the nineteenth century began to appear, at the beginning of the use of high-speed steel as a representative in the market,

later with continuous research and development, has emerged a variety of new materials such as hard alloy, diamond, polycrystalline diamond,

also make CNC bending machine die application more and more widely.

In the field of CNC bending machine die industry, the basis of successful cutting is from the choice of materials.

Polycrystalline diamond is a kind of material with better comprehensive advantages in most materials at present,

and the vertical boron nitride superhard material is also one of the new materials with important meaning.

The cost. Life and efficiency are also the three most important factors in the CNC bending machine die industry.

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