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Routine maintenance of switch laser cutting machine

1. Check the cleanliness of the protective lens switch laser cutting machine:

Clean the unclean ones in time; If there are burning points affecting the use, please replace them in time. (Note that when taking out the drawer of the protective mirror, ensure that there is no dust on the scene, and seal the window of the protective mirror effectively with beautiful paper or special plug in time).

2. Check the copper tip:

Copper mouth irregular, there are obvious scars suggest timely replacement. The floating head should be calibrated and the center should be checked every time the copper tip is replaced. Avoid the cause of coaxial deviation or air flow does not affect the cutting effect.

3. Check whether the ceramic ring is loose:

The loosening of the ceramic ring will affect the stability of the cutting operation of the equipment. If it is loose, the locking ring of the ceramic ring should be tightened by hand.

4. Inspection Center:

Ensure the coaxiality of the laser head, adjust it with transparent tape, and try to use a small nozzle (e.g. 1.0), so that it is more accurate.

5. Capacitance calibration:

The machine is started daily to perform float head calibration, NC - BCS100-F1-2-float head calibration.

6.Back to the origin:

Start the machine every day to return to the origin.

7. Check the air source:

Check whether the residual gas of the air source meets the production, and whether there is air leakage in the air path.

8. Clean the organ cover:

Check the integrity and stability of the dust cover every day, and clean the iron filings, iron sheets and other foreign bodies on the dust cover.

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