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Working mode of torsion shaft synchronous bending machine

[Working mode of torsion shaft synchronous bending machine]

1. The synchronous layout of the slider of the bending machine refers to the torque shaft to force synchronization.

2. Reference constraint block organization, quiet indeed shaft synchronous bending machine .

3. Refers to all welded steel structure with sufficient strength and stiffness.

4. The hydraulic cylinder is at both ends of the transmission, the saw machine is placed on the slider, and the slider is launched in a straight line.

5. Wedge deflection compensation trap to ensure high precision bending.

6. Slider route agile anxiety regulation, manual fine tuning, and exposure counter.

One month after the bending machine reward, check each tubing for damage where there is no shape, such as abnormal should be changed,

two months after the connection should be tightened in all parts, progress and service should be closed, the system without pressure.

The hydraulic bending machine includes a support, a work table and a clamping plate, the work mounted on the support,

the work table is supported by a base and a splint, the setting process hinge clamping plate continues to support, by the housing,

and a cover plate to close the coil, in the fall of the fall on a shell coil, the top cover plate is covered.

When selected by the coil of the platen, an explosion of gravity is realized, thus the pressure plate and the clamp on the plate base.

The reason for the electromagnetic force clamp will be plurality of parts plate pray well,

but also can be on the workpiece polishing prosperous side walls

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