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DURMAPRESS Canton Fair live broadcast

Join Us for Our First-Ever Live Stream at the Canton Fair!

Durmapress will participate in the Canton Fair from April 15th to 19th, showcasing its brand new factory and latest products. To better interact with customers and industry colleagues, Durmapress will conduct live streaming on the Facebook and YouTube platforms. Our technical team and operations staff will be online, ready to answer viewers' questions and share the latest technological information and industry insights.


Exploring the Power of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines: A Guide to 1000KW to 3000W Models

Laser cutting machines play a very important role in modern production, especially in manufacturing and industrial production, significantly improving cutting efficiency. This paper focuses on the importance of laser cutting machines in production, with a specific focus on four types: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W , all powered by a medium power continuous fiber laser.

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What is the difference between a Press Brake and Panel Bender?

This article discusses two common metal fabrication machines, the Press Brake and the Panel Bender, comparing their pros and cons to help readers choose the machine that best suits their needs. Firstly, it introduces the Press Brake, which is suitable for processing metal sheets of various thicknesses and materials, capable of intricate bending work. Next, the article discusses the Panel Bender, which is efficient in handling large panels and can automatically adjust workflows to enhance production efficiency. Lastly, the article summarizes the differences between the two, including their applications, costs, and maintenance requirements, to enable readers to make informed decisions when choosing between the two machines.

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Essential Precautions for Laser Cutting Metal Materials

DURMAPRESS factory specializes in producing high-end electro-hydraulic CNC Press Brake and fiber Laser Cutting Machines,Among them, laser cutting machine has many different series of products worthy of attention. This article introduces the company's products and tells you the precautions for metal cutting.

BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine common six problems and treatment methods

1. BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine and punching technology Any thermal cutting technique, except in a few cases where it can be started from the edge of the board, generally must have a small hole through the board. Before the laser stamping compound machine is to punch out a hole, and then start cutting from the hole with the laser. There are two basic ways to punch a laser cutter without a stamping device: Blasting perforation - The material is irradiated… Read More »BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine common six problems and treatment methods

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