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Explore the Servo Motor Of Press Brake

In recent years, with technological advancements and continuous development in the sheet metal processing market, the technological revolution of sheet metal processing equipment has never ceased. CNC turret punch presses have transitioned from mechanical to hydraulic drive modes and finally adopted servo motor drive technology in the early 21st century.


How to Use DSP Laser Safety System To Protect Your Press Brake

A DSP laser safety system is a safety device that protects the operator by controlling the laser beam through digital signal processing technology. It plays a vital role in bending machine operation by detecting any objects that may enter the danger zone during the bending process and stopping the machine in time to avoid accidents.

Equipment to Morocco

Durmapress Ships a Batch of Equipment to Morocco

Durmapress recently shipped a comprehensive set of equipment to Morocco. Among the carefully selected items are the BS3015G-3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. This machine is complemented by a Fiber Optic Laser, ensuring consistent and reliable laser performance.

CNC Machine

Considerations for Choosing Top Metal Fabrication Machines & Equipment

Metal fabrication is an important part of industrial production and is used in a variety of fields and plays an integral role in all of them. Therefore, choosing the right metal fabrication equipment is crucial because it directly affects productivity, product quality, and the competitiveness of an organization.

mexico visit

Durmapress Visits Clients in Mexico

During the FABTECH exhibition in Mexico, the Durmapress team embarked on an unforgettable journey to visit our long-standing clients. Engaging with our clients, we attentively listened to their genuine feedback and inquiries regarding product usage.

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