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TPU film cutting equipment - Cutting edge is smooth without burr, can realize all kinds of special-shaped film cutting.

[Abstract] :

Laser die cutting machine is also known as TPU film cutting machine, is a kind of laser for all kinds of film cutting, drilling, half cutting and other specialized production research and development of a model, the model has high precision, good cutting effect and other advantages, suitable for the vast majority of film material cutting, such as: PP film,PET film,PVC film,PA film,PVA film,PS film. Cutting edge is smooth without burr, can realize all kinds of special-shaped film cutting.

TPU is an environmentally friendly polymer material, often made into thin film materials, because of its excellent physical and chemical characteristics, often called "waterproof and moisture permeable film". TPU material has most of the characteristics of rubber and ordinary plastic, but also has some unique properties, so it has a wide range of applications. Our common TPU film mainly has three kinds: TPU transparent film, TPU waterproof and breathable film, hot melt film, high and low temperature film, etc., is used in all walks of life.

In the process of using TPU film, it is necessary to cut and cut it. Due to the light weight of membrane materials, not easy to take, and the higher precision requirements, the cutting difficulty of TPU materials is greatly increased. The traditional cutting process can not meet the development requirements of TPU increasingly fine, therefore, To achieve high precision and high efficiency cutting film special cutting model - laser die cutting machine is rapidly introduced, become TPU film cutting "new favorite".

Model features:

1. The machine is equipped with the cutting size of 600*500mm, which can meet the cutting of various complex shapes within the size, and support the customization of different sizes of mesa


2. The model is equipped with imported laser, servo motor, screw drive module, compared with the conventional CO2 laser machine, the accuracy has been further improved


3. The machine chooses high quality laser, long life, can meet the long time and high intensity operation

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