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WC67Y series hydraulic plate bending machine Performance and features

WC67Y series hydraulic plate bending machine Performance and features:

All steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity;

Hydraulic drive, stable and reliable;

Mechanical block, torque shaft synchronization, high precision;

The distance of rear material, the stroke of upper slider adopts electric adjustment, manual fine adjustment device, digital display;

The upper die is equipped with a deflection compensation mechanism, and the lower deflection compensation mechanism can be used for machines with a length of 250 tons and over 4000mm.

The machine adopts mechanical torque synchronization;

ACL LFJK-3 digital display device;
With high performance rotary encoder feedback count;
With domestic famous hydraulic integrated system;
With France Schneider or Germany Siemens low voltage electrical;
American original Parker cylinder seal;
With T screw to control the rear stopper forward and backward movement;
With machining convex worktable compensation device;
With standard up and down mold;
It is equipped with a front support frame.
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