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The four working principles of laser cleaning machine and the application industry

Laser cleaning machine can effectively remove the surface of the object or surface coating, so as to achieve a clean process. It is based on the effects of the interaction between laser and material, a new technology with the traditional mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning method (wet cleaning process), it doesn't need any ozone-depleting CFC type organic solvent, no pollution, no noise, harmless to the human body and environment, is a real green environmental protection cleaning technology.

The working principle of laser cleaning machine:

  1. Generate various laser beams through different types of lasers.
  2. The energy density of the laser can be adjusted to expand the dirt by heat.
  3. When the expansion force of the dirt is greater than the adsorption force of the dirt on the substrate, the dirt will break away from the surface of the object.

3, the laser beam near the focus can produce thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, so that the dirt instantaneous evaporation, gasification or decomposition.

  1. The divergence Angle of the laser beam is small, and the direction is good. Through the concentrating system, the laser beam can be gathered into spots of different diameters.

Application field of laser cleaning machine:

1, metal or glass surface coating layer removal, quick removal of paint.

2, fast rust removal, and all kinds of oxides.

3, remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains, production residue.

  1. Roughening of metal surface and cleaning of metal surface in small space.

5, before welding or bonding before paint removal, rust removal, to oil, after welding oxide, residue treatment.

6, mold cleaning, such as tire mold, electronic mold, food mold

  1. Oil pollution removal after precision parts production and processing
  2. Fast cleaning of nuclear power components maintenance

9, aerospace weapons, ship production or maintenance in the process of oxide treatment, paint removal, rust removal

10, cultural relics cleaning, rock cleaning, building surface cleaning


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