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hydraulic press brake

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What You Need to Know If You're New to the Press Brake

In the metalworking industry, press brakes are a common piece of equipment used for bending and shaping a wide range of sheet metal. For beginners, operating a press brake may seem simple enough, and they often think that bending a part is as easy as inserting the tool into the proper position and then maneuvering the punch up and down.


Durmapress Will Be Participating in FABEX 2024 as a Highly Anticipated Metal Processing Product Merchant

As a large metal processing manufacturer in China, it is delighted for Durmapress to participate in this grand exhibition. Our products include but are not limited to DP-ES series press brake, shearing machine, rolling machine, fiber laser cutting machine. Each product has been well received and loved by customers all over the world, and each product is a confident work of Durmapress.


Electro-hydraulic Servo Press Brake DA-66T And DA-69T Use Process

Ordinary press brake is a common equipment in industrial manufacturing, mainly used to bend metal sheets to achieve the desired shape and angle. Its working principle is based on a mechanical or hydraulic system, and a simple control mechanism drives the mold to apply pressure to the sheet to achieve bending.

DurmaPress shipped a WC67K-30T1600 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine to Algeria

DurmaPress shipped a WC67K-30T1600 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine to Algeria

DurmaPress has successfully shipped a WC67K-30T1600 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine to Algeria. This WC67K-30T1600 model represents cutting-edge technology tailored to meet the precision and efficiency demands of modern manufacturing, with dimensions of 2200*1640*2025mm, ensuring compatibility across diverse production environments.

VIMF Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Fair (1)

Durmapress Will Attend VIMF2024 At Booth C Hall 427

As VIMF 2024 is underway, Durmapress's exhibitors are busy preparing. VIMF 2024 aims to assist industrial suppliers, engineering services and subcontractors to meet with local industries and users, engineering companies, original equipment manufacturers, general manufacturing and high-tech precision manufacturing subcontractors.

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DurmaPress Ships Hydraulic Press Brakes to Australia

DurmaPress has recently completed the shipment of hydraulic press brakes to Australia, involving three units in total. The hydraulic press brakes shipped this time are of the WE67K-210T3300 model, accompanied by press brake toolings.

Tanzania ship

DurmaPress Delivers Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine to Tanzania

DurmaPress is thrilled to announce the successful shipment of hydraulic press brakes to Tanzania, comprising two units in total. This shipment includes the wC67K-63T2500/E21 and WC67K-125T3200/E21 models, each tailored to specific sizes and packaging requirements. With a cumulative weight of 20100KGS, our dedicated team at DurmaPress meticulously prepared to ensure the secure delivery of these machines to their destination.

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