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Exploring the Power of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines: A Guide to 1000KW to 3000W Models

Laser cutting machines play a very important role in modern production, especially in manufacturing and industrial production, significantly improving cutting efficiency. This paper focuses on the importance of laser cutting machines in production, with a specific focus on four types: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W , all powered by a medium power continuous fiber laser.


Iranian customers purchase additional BS6020H-6KW fiber laser cutting machine

We are delighted to share a moment of achievement as we dispatch our BS6020H-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to a cherished customer in Iraq. This marks another milestone in our enduring partnership, which began in 2020 when the same customer embraced our CNC Turret Punching Machine. Their satisfaction with our technology and service propelled them to invest in the advanced capabilities of our fiber laser cutting machine in 2023.

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Essential Precautions for Laser Cutting Metal Materials

DURMAPRESS factory specializes in producing high-end electro-hydraulic CNC Press Brake and fiber Laser Cutting Machines,Among them, laser cutting machine has many different series of products worthy of attention. This article introduces the company's products and tells you the precautions for metal cutting.

Environmentally friendly and efficient production in laser cutting machines

In today's modern manufacturing industry, environmental protection and efficient production continue to emerge and become the focus of the industry. This is because as society becomes increasingly concerned about environmental issues and natural resources become more and more limited, the manufacturing industry urgently needs to take measures to Sustainable green manufacturing methods to ensure that the production process has minimal impact on the environment. But at the same time, improving production efficiency is also an important goal in the current… Read More »Environmentally friendly and efficient production in laser cutting machines

How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine?

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As the manufacturing industry continues to develop, laser-cutting machines have become essential processing equipment for many factories and businesses. There are various types of laser cutting machines on the market, ranging from several hundred watts to tens of thousands of watts, and the prices vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. So, how do you choose a laser-cutting machine that suits your needs? Determine the Type and Thickness of the Material to be Cut Laser-cutting machines can cut… Read More »How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine?

How is the MES system applied to laser-cutting equipment?

What is the MES system? The MES system refers to the Manufacturing Execution System. It is an information system used to monitor and control the production process and activities in a factory, ensuring production efficiency and effectiveness. The MES system bridges the gap between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and production control systems like PLCs and SCADAs, providing real-time production data and analysis to decision-makers. Key functionalities of the MES system Production scheduling and tracking Data collection and analysis… Read More »How is the MES system applied to laser-cutting equipment?

BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine common six problems and treatment methods

1. BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine and punching technology Any thermal cutting technique, except in a few cases where it can be started from the edge of the board, generally must have a small hole through the board. Before the laser stamping compound machine is to punch out a hole, and then start cutting from the hole with the laser. There are two basic ways to punch a laser cutter without a stamping device: Blasting perforation - The material is irradiated… Read More »BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine common six problems and treatment methods

Precautions for starting the 1500W fiber laser cutting machine

After optical 1500W fiber laser cutting is shut down for a long time, in order to ensure an fully reliable operation of the equipment, extend the service time, and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by irregular startup for future use, the following steps should be followed before startup.   1. Start the main power supply and the voltage regulator power supply (before starting the power supply, check whether all lines are damaged or have poor contact)   2. Switch on the… Read More »Precautions for starting the 1500W fiber laser cutting machine

Which materials can be cut by 1000W metal laser cutting machine

1000W metal laser cutting machine  processing is an invisible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, with high precision, cutting fast, not limited to the cutting pattern restrictions, automatic typesetting save materials, smooth incision, low processing costs, will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment. With the growing strength of the metal processing industry, the metal laser cutting machine can not cut all metal materials? ① stainless steel cutting Laser cutting is an effective tool for the… Read More »Which materials can be cut by 1000W metal laser cutting machine

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